Party Policies

     All Mainstream Policies  


Clampdown on consumer credit to reduce household debt and encourage saving

Brexit: Stay IN Europe, end Brussels dictatorship: we cancel unilaterally the last two EU treaties

abolish VAT - return to taxing only luxuries, not necessities

Home ownership as somewhere to live - not for speculation by wealthy investors

Bank of England to raise base rate to 2% immediately

An END to the Tories' and Labour's colonialist military intervention in the Middle East - KEEP OUT OF SYRIA!

new written constitution with no place for the "Monarchy"

Re-nationalisation of Utilities & parts of the Railways

reform of Abortion laws to recognise that babies also have rights

end to same-sex "marriage" and same-sex adoption

Income Tax ring-fenced for Citizen benefits only - Overseas aid from a new, voluntary tax. The £12 billion tax saved, to pay our own student fees

end the Throwaway culture in fashion items which is wrecking the planet

ban DNA manipulation / human cloning, a new offence of "Nazi Eugenics"

ban the selling off of council houses

zero-tolerance of serious crime even for a first-time offender

outlaw "sex change" surgery on children

Five Year breathing-space from asylum seeking

Council Tax replaced by Rates

cancel HS2

Family-friendly Tax and Benefits

Red-tape bonfire for small businesses

Abolish  Crown Prosecution Service

offence of Face Destruction

 Prison service re-nationalised

  Defence budget ring-fenced and concentrated in Europe and NATO 

 Ireland: a new initiative for re-unification by consent

 Reform of the court system in Britain to get  faster trials 

Reform the Crime Compensation system

Abolish the "Equality & Equal Opportunity Commission"

more emphasis on teaching European languages

NHS slimmed down to medical functions only

Restore the original NHS management structures - no more targets

Abolish Embryology and Fertility Commission

Stop demolishing usable houses

 Stop changing the clocks twice a year 

Outlaw Surrogate "womb-renting"

Blair and 2003 Invasion cabinet to face war crimes charges

Re-criminalise homosexal acts against children

No more Landfill

 sort the Metric Mess. 

End the School League tables

   TV adverts to improve driving techniques

  Use TV adverts to explain the Law 

    End to gambling advertising on TV

 Abolish the TV licence

  Repeal the more extreme legislation demonising smokers