Foreign Policy




Keep us out of all Middle-Eastern wars

We've got a new Prime Minister in Theresa May but she's carrying on the same Colonialist interventions of David Cameron - intervening with bombs and drones - taking sides - changing regimes . It's Libya and Iraq all over again. We're in 2017 - not 1917. It's not our responsibility to manage Middle Eastern and African countries. Syria in particular, had agriculture and large cities when in England people were still living in caves.

ISIS is a force for evil but it's not our job to make war on them. Let's leave the Middle East, and North Africa, to the Arab, Moslem nations who live there; to sort out their own problems.  


How should the government spend 12 billion tax? 

Give it to third-world governments ? 

or fund our own students'  University studies ? 

"There's something utterly nauseating about the world's richest man telling us that our taxes should be given to other countries, instead of going to our own children's education ."

 Bill Gates urges UK to protect foreign aid


   They're at it again!   The celebrity millionaires who lecture us  that we should give our tax away to other countries, instead of spending it on our own schools and hospitals.  Gates, the world's richest man, tells the Tories they must maintain Cameron's guaranteed amount of overseas aid.  But of course the money is neither Theresa May's nor Cameron's - its OUR taxes Gates is talking about. There's something totally nauseating about this man, sitting on his $86 billion, telling our hardworking taxpayers how our taxes should be spent.

    Current UK annual overseas "aid"  budget:  12 Billion 

  Current debt OWED by our students:           12 Billion.* 

  This is the amount our students have been forced to borrow,  to pay their fees and maintenance,  so they could study at University. (This after David Cameron's  coalition government ended the previous grant system, after promising not to do that). (* this is for England & Wales students  - Scottish students are still funded by their taxpayers).

   Our students are  forced to take out these colossal debts - for fees alone, over 28,000 - right at the start of their adult lives; in most cases, before they've actually earned any money. These are eye-watering debts - amounts that high-earners in their 30s or 40s, would think twice anout taking on. And our students (including my own daughter) are contracted to repay these vast amounts of money, from their future earnings in a future job - which they may or may not get.

 Is it any wonder that University applications from our own young people (and especially from boys) is less that in our neighbour countries, as they do the Maths and decide they don't want  to be so much in debt.   


  Close the Department for International Aid.   Take  ALL the 12 Billion tax  from their foreign aid budget  

   Use this  12 Billion instead, to pay for our university students'  tuition and maintenance.  

 The existing overseas aid is a waste of money - it goes to corrupt third world governments who use it to build palaces for their families and cronies, to buy warplanes and cluster bombs. It's counter productive because it stops these countries from growing up and standing on their own feet - like keeping paying pocket-money to  children after they become adults - and then wondering why they don't support themselves.   



 Your Overseas Aid FAQs 

  Q. I'm sure you're right that most of our citizens would rather spend this 12 billion tax on our own children's education, than send it overseas. But a minority of people do still want their taxes to go to help the Third World.  What should these people do about it ? 

A.  yes as you say, some people want to carry on  seeing their tax go to help Third World governments - David Cameron,  George Osborne, Richard Branson, Polly Toynbee to name but a  few    .  All millionaires as you would expect.  Mainstream would have a solution for these people - a new VOLUNTARY tax called G.A.Y.E. 

Q   How would this work ? 

A. Just like PAYE (Pay as You Earn) -  the new voluntary tax  is called GAYE. This stands for Give Abroad Your Earnings .  This would be a box all employees could tick, on their self-assessment or P35, to allow 0.5  percent of their income to go on selected third world projects.  

Q Would the end of Overseas Aid affect disaster relief? 

A.. No, of course not.  Government Disaster Relief - eg after floods, earthquakes, whatever - would still be funded, providing the aid went directly to the disaster victims . What would NEVER again happen is sending money to Third World governments.  (You only have to look at Haiti after the Earthquake, to see the folly of doing that.  The international aid money just disappears from the face of the earth.) 


   Defence  here in Europe:  that's where we need our military.  

 Right now in 2015, Europe is a more dangerous place for Britain and for freedom than at any time since the end of the cold war.  The Russians are fighting in the Ukraine - OK, Ukraine is not a NATO member so this does not involve us in any way, but the agression is very close to countries who ARE in NATO.  Suppose Russia invades Lithuania or Estonia tomorrow (where there are Russian speaking populations). Any attack on one NATO member is an attack on all of us. We would be at war - and our aircraft (what little remains of  the RAF after the coalition has slashed the defence budget and butchered  whole squadrons and regiments) - would be far away in the Middle East.  MAINSTREAM would ring-fence and increase Defence spending to be prepared against any agression.