Five-Year Breathing Space from Asylum applications

     Let's have a short breathing-space from all Asylum applications,  just to give us time to get all the necessary resouces, schools, housing, GP surgeries, hospital beds, midwives, and so on ,  in place.  The problem is most acute in the big cities and towns in England - primary schools with classes way above the legal limit of 30 children;    portakabins in the playground needed for extra classes; long waits for an appointment with your GP  (and even then , the GP will now try to make it a telephone appointment; when you insist on face to face, they set a limit of 10 minutes per patient.  Ridiculous!  It might need only 5 minutes to tell the doctor your symptoms - but it might need half-an-hour ).  Long waiting lists (several years sometimes) for Council and other Social Housing.

   So how about a 5-Year Breathing Space - with no Asylum applications allowed .  Then after that and we've had time to get our breath back,  applications would be again be allowed ; but with stricter rules about who can and who cannot be accepted.

 We would have an annual limit to the number both of applications allowed to be made, and applications allowed to succeed. These numbers would not be secret but would be  public knowledge, based on a formula to be set by Parliament, which would be tied  in with information from local authorities about whether their schools had  any oversized classes, and whether there were more than 100 people on the council house waiting lists. There should also be a zero-tolerance of applicants who lie on their application forms, with automatic refusal for lying about such important things as name, age, country of origin, and  whether they have a criminal record.  Many applicants enter the country legally, arriving at ports or airports with their correct documentation. It doesn't seem fair  that the ones who come in illegally, by hiding in lorries or vans, should be allowed  to jump the queue in front of those who abide by the rules .

   Let's be honest:  Most of the migrants are certainly not refugees and have no case under the Geneva refugee convention.

       But they're certainly not terrorists or criminals either:  they're good people;  people from poor countries in Africa and Asia, who just want to make a better life for themselves; and have learned what everybody  knows: the quickest way to do this, is to destroy your identity docs, tell a load of porkies and say you're a refugee, running away from persecution.  A sad fact - but a true fact.

   For some of these young men, it's a business proposition: They borrow the money  (10,000 Euros usually) for the journey, by getting a friend to cable it over by Western Union.  They know once they get here, they'll be able to get enough money to pay this back.  Then they set out  with the  latest I-Phone with Google Maps - essential to the long journey. 

Lord (Alfred) Dubs compares his own wartime refugee experience, with today's migrant surge - but there are important differences.


   <Left to right:  Alfred Dubs,  Refugees 1945 ,  Migrants 2016.>

   The wartime refugees between 1940 and 1945 were mostly women and children, with a few old men.

        Today's "Walkers"  are mostly young healthy males (and mostly NOT from Syria) 

   And whereas among wartime refugees, brave 13- and 14-year-old boys  used to lie their ages older  - saying they were 16, so they could join the forces and go back and fight the Nazis -  among today's migrants  it's the opposite that happens: selfish young men of 21 and 22,  lie their ages YOUNGER, saying they're 17, as they know this gets them straight  to the front of the queue for housing etc . (No doubt for a few of them, getting put in a classroom with 16-year-old girls is an added bonus  - but this is not doing them any good, neither is it good for our own children's education).  

  The big influx of migrants to Europe is not going to go away soon. Europe needs to do joined-up thinking . There needs to be a fairer share of taking the migrants in, as some countries (like us) have taken in  more than their fair share, than others , in relation to the size of the country. We're quite a small country - there are much bigger countries with a lot more space which could take more.  And there needs to be in place, legal safe routes across the mediterranean sea to stop the drownings (and a ferry crossing would be a lot cheaper than paying traffickers).   The best way for the future is to fly in refugees direct from their camps in the Middle East - that way we know they are genuine refugees and not others taking advantage; also far safer for these refugees as no need to pay traffickers to sail them across the Mediterranean


             Your Asylum FAQs:

 Q. How come  our urban  resources and infrastructures are not enough for the recent big increase in population?

A. Simples. Because successive Labour, Coalition and Tory  regimes have LIED  and LIED and LIED about there being any increased population. They told us we were imagining it.  While  Coventry, Leicester and Peterborough, for example,  have almost doubled in population in just a few years.  Because they said it wasn't happening - they  wouldn't allocate the extra resources.  

 Q. Surely the government must know  the actual size of our population ?

A. Er - NO, they haven't the slightest idea.  They can only guess, starting from a base that the 2011 census gave a correct total.

Q. Surely everyone filled their 2011 census forms in correctly ?  It was a criminal offence not to !

A.  It's a criminal offence if someone steals your car - but the police won't come round, they'll just tell you to claim from your insurance company, they certainly won't send a posse out to  catch the thief!  We live in a society where our laws are not enforced any more.   1,600,000 census forms were never returned - one form per house, this could equate to at least 5 million missing people.  But only 120 people were convicted for not completing their  2011 census - and they were  just fined, no prison sentences. 

   Add to this,  the  thousands of homes where more than one family shares the same house, but the census was filled in by only one of the families. You could be talking about up to 7 million missing from the official  "population figures".