"More stop and search?"    NO.   "Knife gates at schools ?"    NO.


Acid attack victim Katie Piper - like all victims of violent crime - calls NOT for compensation, but longer sentences for the offenders. That's the one thing she will NEVER get while any of Tories, Labour or Lib Dems are in power.




London's in the grip of a street crime epidemic -  almost all the victims are young people, many of them children.  Some victims are tourists but mostly our own people. And  the set of officials who are supposed to PROTECT us - the police, the judges and the politicians  - are all saying and doing the wrong things. The crimes are street robbery, usually of  smart phones and often involving the use of a moped to get away quickly; and stabbings, which are at an all-time high now in London.  Why aren't there more police patrols out there, when these crimes happen ?  The politicians say we need more police - WRONG,  we've already the  numbers, just that in the evening they're all doing their diversity training , or investigating 'historic' offences from up to 60 years ago, (driven by compensation claims);  or maybe filling in the 10-page form for "using force on a suspect". 

  On knife crime - our MPS are calling for  (a)   more stop and search,  and (b)  knife-detector gates at all school entrances. AS always, the knobheads of the parliamentary establishment call for the measures which hit the INNOCENT - instead of the correct measure which is to hit only the GUILTY - much stronger prison sentences for these twats when they are convicted. Always a long sentence - even for the first offence; no more warnings, probation, suspended sentences, community service, all that crap.  On the moped muggings -  our police have now stopped chasing these robbers - because they don't wear helmets and so might get injured in the chase!  You couldn't make this up. For most of us, the chance that the robbers might get hurt as they get away with their loot, is all the more reason why they SHOULD  get chased. Suppose an intruder were to try to climb into my daughter's bedroom - and then he slips, falls, and breaks  both legs. Would I be weeping for the poor lad, and calling an ambulance? No of course not, I'd be jumping up and down and clapping - and so would you, and every other normal person. Anyone who gets injures while committing a serious offence,  has got what they deserve.

Now these moped muggers have started using acid face attacks, to steal more mopeds which they need for the robberies. Yet again , the victims - moped riders - almost all teenagers who can't afford any other transport. Even if the acid  throwers get caught, all they get charged with is GBH - which has pathetic maximum sentence of only 4 years.  The victims are pleading for this terrible crime to  be given a much stiffer sentence. MAINSTREAM AGREES . MAINSTREAM IS THE ONLY PARTY CALLING FOR A NEW OFFENCE OF FACE DESTRUCTION WITH A LONG MINIMUM PRISON TERM. We suggest a minimum 14 years, maximum for repeat offenders 23  years. 

BREAKING NEWS  yes you've guessed it --  on the acid attacks, our dickhead lawmakers now want the sale of acid products to be controlled or banned.  Most of these are  simply cleaning fluids. If you outlaw these - you outlaw cleaning! 


Behave ....  or Be Hammered 

  Today  the most common serious crimes (we're talking about ACTUAL crime. not historic allegations from 50 years ago) are INCREASING not decreasing. These are car theft and car-jacking, domestic burglary,  street robbery and knife crime. Why do these particular crimes keep on rising, and set to rise even more?  Simple - the law is no deterrent for ANY of these crimes, because offenders know they will NEVER got to prison for the first offence; nor even for the 2nd, 3rd, fifth or even the tenth offence. That's because our disgusting establishment politicians are more concerned with Offender's rights, than protecting the victims and preventing the crime.  They treat burglary as just an offence aganst property  - 'claim on your insurance,  move on!'.  But in many cases, victims of burglary in their own home, are unable to move on; traumatised, unable to sleep,  too ill to go to work, for many years after the offence.

    And our police have now become politicised with these same attitudes. A family friend in the Midlands was recently burgled and I phoned up the police for her - they took about two-and-a-half hours to get there, and then I got told that I should not have dialled 999 'because the intruders had already left'  (We didn't actually know that for sure). Street robbery - which is usually snatching a mobile phone, tablet or handbag from a child or teenager in the street - is even more devastating. These young victims may be terrified of going out of the house for years afterwards. Just like burglary victims, their life, health and education suffers and all because of nothing THEY have done.  MAINSTREAM would set mandatory minimum sentences for all serious crimes - no exceptions, no warnings, no parole, no early release. We would abolish the so-called "Sentencing Council" which has set itself up as an adviser to judges and magistrates, on the length of sentences. Under MAINSTREAM, sentence lengths would be set ONLY by Parliament, Judges and magistrates would just look at the statute book - which would be online on their computer screen - to see the correct minimum and maximum sentences available to them.    

                     "Nine for a  Knife  .....   save someone's Life" 

       Knife crime the same - Labour ,the Tories and the Liberals ALL promised that people caught carrying knives, would go to prison every time. Just like all the rest of their promises, it has never been kept because these politcicans had no intention of ever doing it - just words, to get people's votes. Only MAINSTREAM will really tackle knife-crime with the "Nine for a Knife" rule.  NINE YEARS mandatory mimimum for carrying a knife in public   first time, every time, no exceptions. If we'd had this rule in place ten previously, innocent victims like schoolgirl Christina Edkins in Birmingham (stabbed to death on the bus on her way to school), or teacher Ann Maguire in Leeds (stabbed to death in her classroom),  would be alive today with their families; instead of in their graves.  The politicians and media always come up with their surveys which justify young men carrying knives in the street, it's because of austerity, it's for self defence, whatever, all just total shite.     


  Longer Sentences - your FAQs

Q.  Surely keeping more criminals in prison will cost a lot more money. Can we afford it?

A.  It will cost more, but the cost of high crime is MUCH MUCH more.  We can also cut a lot of prison costs - eg by having one fixed menu each day, instead of giving them a choice of meals like they were in a hotel!

Q. If we lock up knifers and muggers for every offence - where are we going to put them?  Our prisons are already full to bursting. 

A. Yes there will be a big increase in prison numbers - but this will only be temporary. Because of the deterrent effect of prison, crime will come down, and we will actually  be able to close a few prisons. 

Q.  Would a MAINSTREAM government be able to build enough extra prison space for the short-term increase in prisoners ? 

A.  No need, we would change the law so that convicted offenders who deserve prison, MUST be put in prison whether there are enough suitable places or not. 

Q. Most prison cells were built to take two inmates. Would  you squash more in if necessary?

A. Yes.  As many as are needed. Prisoners have rights, but so have the public the right to be protected. The rights of the innocent must ALWAYS trump the rights of the guilty.

Q. It is said that prison, particularly for youngsters, causes more re-offending.

A. Impossible. How can anyone re-offend in prison? There are no houses to burgle, no cars to steal, and in a men's prison, no women to attack. As long as an offender is behind bars you KNOW you are safe from them re-offending.


        ABOLISH  the CPS  (Crown Prosecution Service).

    The Crown Prosecution service was the brainchild of one of Britain's worst Home Secretaries, a tory called Leon Brittan.  prior to this, all police forces employed lawyers who would explain to the police, when there was enough evidence to take a case to court.   Today's CPS, under the direction of Keith Starmer  has a very sinister function. It exists  to dispense justice in a political way  - outside the control of Parliament.  It does this by filtering all pending prosecutions,  and only letting some of these go on to court. The decision is NOT made by the quality of the evidence - but by what they call the "Public Interest"   which in effect means  political  considerations.  Every day, perfectly good cases with lots of evidence, are prevented from  going to court by the CPS.  They never have to explain to us what the "Public Interest" was in any particular case - this is kept secret. In effect the CPS is a secretive super-court  with no accountability to Parliament or the Public.   WE WILL ABOLISH THE TORY CPS.  



new offence  "Face Destruction"

sometimes new crimes come along; and they can be dealt with only by a new criminal offence . Such a new crime is throwing acid in someone's (usually a woman's) face, with the intention of seriously disfiguring them. These are all acts of hate - these are REAL hate crimes, unlike the so-called hate "crimes" of calling people names. Often used by men against their ex-girlfriends after the relationship breaks down, they now hate the woman so they try to destroy her looks .The offender just gets charged with "causing actual bodily harm" or something stupid like that which doesn't reflect the seriousness of these attacks. This is not appropriate to acid-throwing which is an attack on the woman's whole being - on her as a personality; on her looks, her beauty, her self-confidence. This crime is a monstrous crime, and monstrous crimes must be given monster punishments. Under MAINSTREAM the new offence "Face Destruction" would carry a mandatory 29 year minimum sentence.

 ** STOP PRESS **  Nov 2015  - Columbia has just introduced tough new penalties for exactly this offence .  Minimum 12 years - Maximum 50 years.  WHY CAN'T WE DO THAT ?? 



                                              The Prison Service back under public control

     There's been a series of scandals recently at our prisons and remand centres - riots which the staff are unable to control;  prisoners walking out from "Open" prisons nearly every week; and so on.  Recently when two murderers just walked out of prison, the governor told the media "We know our number One duty is the safety of the public". But since the prison service was privatised by Margaret Thatcher, it seems like the number one duty of prison staff has been the well being of the inmates: Prisons have become more like holidfay camps - prisoners waliking round in designer clothes, having mobile phones, a choice of meals on the menu, day trips out to ths shops - come on!

Re-nationalise the service and associated prisoner transport (now done by private security firms like G4S). In return for  secure jobs in the public service, prison staff will have to accept that if they don't do their job properly, they will be sacked. This applies particularly to prison governors - the bosses.  If they allow their inmates to escape all the time - they need to be replaced by someone who will do their job properly. And the same goes for prison governors who fail to fulfill their suicide-watch obligations on high-risk prisoners such as mass murderer Fred West.  He was known to be a suicide risk because of the appalling nature of his crimes, and because of the split between himself and his accomplice Rose West. But the prison officers who should have been observing him 24/7, were instead partying for Christmas or New Year celebrations. Yet no prison officers lost their job. Under a Mainstream government any staff guilty of such incompetence, would be out on their ear. 




  We wouldn't knowingly let a murderer come into our house - why should we let them into our country if they don't belong here? We are allowed to set some minimum standards as to who can come in. All the recent governments have been letting overseas murderers - both from EU countries and non-EU countries - come and live in Britain whenever they feel like it - without any checks on their  criminal records or past history.  As you would expect, quite a few of these have committed more murders over here. Even war criminals who comitted genocide in Africa have been allowed to come and make an asylum claim here . That's like you let Himmler or Goebbels come and make an asylum claim.

Remember young Alice Gross - murdered in October 2014?  Don't you think her grieving family would have liked to have been warned, that a Latvian murderer called Arnis Zalkains was living nearby, who  often rode his bike along the same canal path used by their teenage daughter?   (He committed suicide so we will never be able to prove that it was him who murdered Alice.)   You could have one of these murderers living right next door - and you would never know about it, to be able to protect your family and children. Even worse - many of these twats have been handed British citizenships and British passports, by the establishment .  MAINSTREAM would REPATRIATE  immediately and with no appeal, ALL OVERSEAS MURDERERS back to their homelands, AND in the case of murderers who have been handed British Citizenship by Cameron and his crew - we would REVERT them to their previous nationality.   They would get ' R & R'.  Reversion & Repatriation. No appeal allowed.