Knives: yes there IS one single solution!

Tory Home secretary Sajid Javid "No single solution to knife crime"

We've got a knife-crime emergency. Every week the toll of knife stab victims mounts; and every week the tossers in our government such as Javid, come up with another "new plan" which is going to work.

The list is endless - a knife-crime Tsar; Early intervention to identify knifers when they are still small children; knife arches in schools and Youth Clubs; using GPS tags on young people who are 'likely' to commit knife crime; more 'Stop and Search'; using profiling to predict the offenders, 'Awareness courses', curfews, restricting social media access, thousands more police on the streets, treating stab murders as a disease (!), and so on. All measures which criminalise, inconvenience or breach the rights of INNOCENT young people.

Javid - the one single solution which is hidden in plain sight, is the one solution which hits ONLY THE GUILTY. The one solution which hits ONLY THE OFFENDERS, not 'potential offenders' or people who might offend in the future. The one solution which is so, so simple and easy to implement. But it's the one solution we will never, ever get from politicians like Javid - or any of his cronies in the Tory so-called 'government' which has abandoned all pretence of doing any governing.

To find the real solution, we need to STOP LISTENING - not just to Javid - not to ANY of the 650 dipsticks in our Parliament.

Listen instead, to the victims' families - like KELLY ELLITS (above) whose innocent 15-year-old son Keelan Wilson, with his whole life in front of him, was stabbed to death right outside their home. Ms Ellits disagrees with Javid that there's 'no single solution'. She's quite clear what the ONLY solution is : 'Tougher sentencing and custodial sentencing for carrying a knife', she says 'is the only deterrent'.

And if you want another chance to listen to the VICTIMS' FAMILIES (instead of the dipstick politicians ) - Jodie Chesney's father Peter Chesney has now added his voice, to those calling for much tougher mandatory sentences for those CARRYING knives.

ANYTHING is better then listening to our politicians - they're so totally out of touch with reality, they're the LAST people we should listen to.

Even the knife offenders themselves, understand what the single workable solution is, better than Tory Javid, or Labour's mayor Sadiq Khan, will ever do. One 'reformed' knife offender said himself last week, that non-custodial sentences were just a joke and that the one thing that would have deterred him from carrying a knife, would have been the certainty of going to prison. Get that Javid - the ONE THING - the ONE SOLUTION, you say 'doesn't exist'. It's right there in front of you - hidden in plain sight. Tosser.

All the promises the politicians made us - both Labour and Tories - for years and years, 'Tough on Crime', 'Two strikes and you're out', were all lies. They never kept their word - now we see the consequences in blood and funerals day after day, of innocent young people. (Even on the very few occasions when the courts DO give a custodial sentence - like for rapper J Hus - the sentences are pathetic. Hus got just eight months - that means he'll be out in just four months.) It's a joke. And now the Tories have, in secret and with no announcements, started releasing ALL criminals in prison early. You couldn't make it up.

The MAINSTREAM 'single answer' to knife-crime: Declare a 'knife-crime emergency'. After that, when someone is caught carrying a knife:

(Obviously, for offenders who don't just carry but actually stab victims with their knives, the sentences would be far, far longer than five years. )

Some might these proposals a bit drastic..

but it's an emergency - WE NEED DRASTIC