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Curing the Sick NHS
    The NHS was set up in 1946 by Labour, to look after Britain's sick. Once the envy of the world, it used to provide good health care at a reasonable cost.  Funded from our income tax and National Insurance, its role was limited to the core functions of nursing the sick, injured and dying; disease prevention campaigns;  and Childbirth care.  Since then and especially in the last 30 years, the politicians, with no regard to the cost -  spending our taxes as if it were their own money - have burdened the NHS with a bag of extra functions which have more to do with fashion than health.

   Cosmetic surgery, breast enlargements, liposuction and so on    are not health issues and must NEVER be funded from taxpayers' money. MAINSTREAM would remove  these  services from the NHS altogether - people would still be able to obtain this type of treatment - but it would have to be done privately, with the "patients" paying the full cost; the taxpayers paying NOTHING. 

   All the recent structural "reforms" in the Health Service have not brought  improvement - just made things worse. The ORIGINAL structure was the CORRECT one:  The Matron / Hospital manager had COMPLETE CONTROL over all aspects of their hospital, including hring / firing of staff, buying the drugs, etc.  The constant Tory / Labour / Coalition  "reforms" which created the Hospital "Trusts",  set up "targets" to be met, divided staff into "Providers" and "Users", and so on, have made life misery for the ordinary nurses on the front-line.

    The contracting-out of services such as catering and cleaning have made hospitals dirtier and patients less well-fed. Shortly before my sister died of a  severe cancer, she was put in a ward which was dirty and had dirty toilets. She was astonished to watch a cleaner , leaning on her sweeping-brush, walk across the room so slowly that she seemed to be sleep-walking. In the old days if the ward sister or staff nurse had seen anyone making such a poor job of cleaning - they would have been out with their P45 on the same day - and a replacement cleaner hired - one with a better attitude to their work.     

  The Target mentality has distorted hospitals' priorities: Hitting their Targets FIRST - patients' welfare SECOND. That's why they leave critically-ill patients out in the ambulances - because while they are still outside the hospital, the clock doesn't start ticking for their treatment-time. This is a disaster because it ties up ambulances, which can't then be sent to other incidents.  

   MAINSTREAM would bring back all the old structures - one hospital manager in total control of, and with  total responsibility for, their hospital.  Most of the junior managerial positons would be abolished - as would all the NHS Area Trusts. Allmost all NHS employees would be  Doctors and Nurses, caterers and cleaners - the absolute minimum of managers.  All contracted-out services brought back in-house. All targets  scrapped. All new and existing staff, would have to sign a contract, agreeing  that their only priority was to put the welfare of their patients FIRST - and their own comfort and welfare SECOND - at all times. Period.  Doctors and Nurses are not only well paid - they have a level job security which most of us can only dream of. The trade-off for this, is  that they have to give this special vocational commitment to their work. 

                   GPs on the Front Line:  Restoring the Balance

   There are supposed to be sufficient GPs in our local surgeries, that we can get an appointment to be seen the same day; and that exceptional cases, at night and at the weekend, the GP will come and visit us at home. In some parts of Britain this is still the case; but in all Urban and Inner-City Britain, the GP appointment availablity is hopelessly  insufficient for the demand; in some parts of Birmingham and London, you can't even get an appointment in the same WEEK.  So desperate patients who need to see a doctor, go instead to the A & E.  This shortage is caused by the massive population increase caused by inward immigration. This could easily have been planned for , and resources made available. But to make all the extra money available, successive governments - Tory, New Labour and the Coalition - would have had to accept that there has been a huge population surge in our cities.  They have never accepted this, and always lied and said it wasn't true - even though our citizens on the front line, can see it is true. Because the politicians kept lying - they could never provide the extra resources. Now at last they're admitting there is a problem - but their official estimates of all inner-city populations are still ridiculously  low. They seem to think that the the new arrivals all fill in their census forms, and register for  Council Tax! 

             MAINSTREAM  will make a correct estimate of the number of people in each area who are entitled to free NHS care and use of our GPs. Then we would provide the correct resources, to enable once again, same-day appointments for all our citizens.   





  It was the German Nazis who first had the idea of 'planned breeding' of human babies; of 'creating' babies without any sexual act between a man and a woman; of test-tube fertilisation and cloning the healthiest and strongest babies to create a 'Master Race'.  These 'scientific' experiments were carried out on Hitler's orders, by one of his most evil henchmen, Dr. Jozef Mengels.

Even after the Germans lost the war and Hitler was dead, Mengels carried on these evil experiments in Paraguay. At the time, the rest of the world was horrified - but where evil is concerned, people have short memories. When, 40 years later, scientists such as Robert Winston re-created these same experiments right here in Britain - very few spoke out against them. All of our corrupt political elite - Tories, Labour, Lib Dems, the whole lot of them - have legalised this insanity even though it goes against One Million years of Human History and civilisation.  These mental politicians are trying to redefine Fatherhood as the act of masturbating into a test-tube.

            A MAINSTREAM  government will outlaw, completely and totally, all IVF, all human cloning, all test-tube 'fertilisation' and all associated activities, with a new and  very serious criminal offence of Nazi Eugenics. The so-called 'Embryology and Fertility Commission'  would be abolished.   Similarly, so-called 'Surrogate Motherhood' - womb-renting - will be outlawed with a new criminal offence of Surrogacy.  


                                          Outlaw "sex change" procedures on children

       We would outlaw the so-called 'Gender Re-arrangement Surgery"  operations on children - a child cannot possibly understand the implications of such drastic, life-changing,  perverse, and irreversible surgery.  This would also include any associated drug 'treatment', so-called "puberty blocker" drugs, and so on. This would be a new serious criminal offence called "Child Sex Mutilation".  Doctors or surgeons convicted, when they come out of prison would be struck off the BMA register for 20 years.  What kind of society are we living in, when its is thought acceptable to perform this type of surgery on children?  No civilised society can permit this.

  Your FAQs:

 Q.   Would Mainstream  ban this type of operation being done to adults ?

 A.  No,  although there are justifications for outlawing all forms of deliberate self-mutilation. After all, our bodies are not our property like our wallet or handbag - our body belongs to the one who designed and created it which is Almighty God. That's why we  have a duty to take care of our  bodies.  But we would put some restrictions in place.

Q. Like what restrictions? 

A. Well obviously the patient would have to be an adult i.e. 18 or over, also we would enforce a think-it-over period of one year after the person requests the operation, so they have time to take professional advice and discuss the consequences.   

Q. Would they be able to get the operation on the NHS ?

A. Definitely NOT - our NHS is our precious tax-funded service for curing sick people  - not for doing unnatural  mutilations on perfectly healthy people. They would have to pay for their operation privately.

Q. Any further restrictions?  

A.  Yep. Let's take a hypothetical example -  suppose someone called Harold decides he wants to live as a woman and be known as Hayley. Nobody can have any problem with him doing that, wearing women's clothes, whatever; then he goes for the re-arrangement surgery and gets some of his private bits cut off.  Obviously his sex is still really male, if you chop a man's bits off that doesn't turn them into a woman - just a man with his bits chopped off - any idiot knows that!  So it would be OK for him so give his sex as female, say on Facebook or when booking a hotel.  But for  official documents like a passport or driving license, "Hayley" would have to give their  correct sex as a male.

Q. Some of these people get their birth certificates retrospectively changed, from Male to Female. How would the system be able to deal with that?

A.  If that's true, the official who changes the birth certificate is calling the person who certified the baby's  birth (usually the midwife or maternity doctor) a liar.  This means they're falsifying a document which is a crime. We would catch these officials and get them up in court for a judge and jury to deal with.  And they wouldn't be allowed to use the old "concentration camp" excuse  "... but I was only doing my job !"  , Yes buddy, you were doing your job,  but you still committed a crime.



               Criminalise Euthanasia

   The so-called "Right to Die" lobby has already managed to make Euthanasia soclally acceptable, if not semi-legal. Sorry but we DON'T have the right to end our own lives.  That's because our bodies are NOT our own property, like a handbag or a car. If our bodies belong to anyone, they belong to God as the One who designed them in the first place. The Nazi holocaust features strongly in our school history courses - but when I had a closer look at my children's course work, I was appalled that they're being taught that the holocaust only began in 1942, with gassing the jews. Why arent they taught the TRUTH? Hitler's holocaust started 6 years before that. Long before the decision for the 'Final Solution', Hitler set up the "Merciful end of Life Path" - the legalised killing by injection, of terminally-ill and very old people, whose lives were 'not worth living'. This was to be Hitler's testing ground for the more sinister future death factories. He wanted to see if public opninion in Germany would let him get away with this Euthanasia. They did. This happened only 80 years ago - why can't we learn from history? MAINSTREAM  stands firmly against all suchNational Socialism - we'd make Euthanasia into a specific and serious criminal offence. The Right to Life is absolute and not dependent on anyone's opinion.


   Ease off on the the more extreme anti-smokers legislation

   Cancer rates in Britain are at an all-time high -  and we can't blame smoking for this, because cigarette smoking is at an all-time low!  But the minority of our citizens who still smoke, are now being demonised as criminals, as if they were burglars or muggers. This seems to be for political reasons not justified by any health rationale. The latest stupid law enacted by the coalition (without  public consultation as usual) - criminalising  drivers who smoke, while their children are in the car. How can this possibly be enforced? And why is the punishment points on the driving licence, when this "offence" is clearly not a driving offence and nothing to do with driving.  The next step will be banning parents from smoking in their own home, unless all their children are outside. Will the police bus using drones to enforce these stupid new laws?

  MAINSTREAM believes this criminalising of smokers - who are otherwise law-abiding citizens - has gone too far, and we will ease back on the restrictions   Besides allowing drivers to smoke in cars without being criminalised, we would let all public buildings like pubs and offices, have a smoker's room IF THEY AND THEIR CLIENTS / EMPLOYEES WISH.  This would have to be ventilated.  Pubs would be able to choose between three categories which would be displayed outside: Non-smoking only (all bars / rooms non-smoking, as exists now; Smoking only (smoking allowed in any of the bars); or Combined (one bar for smokers, one for non-smokers).   .