.. but NOT Brussels EU Dictatorship


Brexit: Stay IN Europe, end Brussels rule: tear up Major's and Blair's illegal EU treaties

    The 2016 EU referendum should have had a third choice - stay in Europe and fix it. Instead Cameron gave us just the two extremes of stay in as we are now - nothing changes; or get right out altogether. Thre result hs left a divided country. But we can use this Brexit vote result to get what we need - a reboot of the Britain - Europe relationship, so we keep the good stuff - free trade , the "Common Market" - freedom of movement to work here, and so on. But without all the crap - The Eurocrap- the Euro bad baggage that came along with the Maastricht and Lisbon treaties. All the EU "Laws", the Brussels "Parliament", the loads of EU regulations we've been signed to by John Major and Tony Blair - put these in the dustbin of history.




Why are we still talking to the EU?

Why do we have to go through two years of negotiations?

Why is Brussels  still asking us for money ?

Why are they threatening us with legal action in their EU "courts" ?

Why is Theresa May even talking to them at all ?

     Europe was brilliant before the Maastricht and Lisbon treaties ... big growth, full employment, across Europe. Then came Maastricht and Lisbon - giving sweeping powers to Brussels, making massive constitutional changes for us all. Other countries (eg France and Ireland) - gave their voters a say ... not Blair and Major, they just signed up on our behalf. The Brexit vote now invalidates both of these treaties - we can just rip them up. Get rid of all the Eurocrap .... NOW. We keep the tariff-free trade, keep freedom of movement for workers, keep the student exchanges. Get up off our knees for a change when we talk to Brussels.


    Abolish VAT. The EU's own special invention. VAT is the Eurotax - a tax on EVERYTHING (With a handful of exceptions such as food being "zero rated"). . No previous regime in history thought to tax everything. An extreme socialist like Michael Foot would never have dared to do this. Even the tax-grabbing King John - the one made famous because Robin Hood, the world's first tax-avoider, used to rob his tax-collectors and give the taxes back to the people - never tried to tax everything. Brussels does - in the whole world it's only the 27 countries in the EU that have VAT. We'd replace VAT by purchase tax on only LUXURY goods.

    Small business regulations. The EU business rules are designed to help big business - the megafirms like Tesco, BT, Virgin etc - at the expense of small businesses. If you want to set up even something so simple as a hair salon or a nails parlour in your own house - you have to apply a book of EU regulations that's got more pages than War and Peace. Bin all these .

   Bin the Brussels recycling diktats. Their mental rules have filled our pavements and front gardens with multiple-coloured bins. Where there's no space for bins (like the blocks of flats in Edinburgh and Glasgow) - food waste gets left outside in plastic sacks which are torn open by seagulls and foxes. We were the first in the world, back in the 18th century, to institute rubbish-collection instead of just throwing it all on the street: Now EU rules have taken us back to the 17th century, rubbish strewn all over the road one day every week. No wonder the rats have become as big as cats in all our cities! We'd make the councils take everything away in one bin, sort it afterwards. There'd be no incentive for fly-tipping as any amount of waste would be removed free (well it's not really free of course, we already pay with our council tax for this service).

    Motor insurance premiums. Women drivers have far fewer accidents than men: they drive more carefully and less agressively. They're a lower insurance risk, so quite rightly they should pay lower premiums. The EU stopped this because they said it was "discrimination". Now we can put this right again.

   Google Search suppression. The EU came up with the so-called "Right to be Forgotten" which was supposed to be about people's private data. In fact they've enforced it for PUBLIC information like criminal court cases, public auctions and tenders, and so on. Already their stupid "law" has been used by thousands of criminal offenders to get all references to their misdeeds, removed from Google searches. We can - and must - reverse this now.

    Internet Cookie warnings. Click on a website anywhere else in the world - America, Australia, non-EU countries like Norway and Switzerland - you can go straight in there. But in the EU there's this extremely annoying delay while the Cookie consent ribbon pops up and you have to waste time clicking it away. Just one more item of the EU baggage we can dispose of now.  



                                      We're the WORST linguists in Europe

Let's make our children the BEST linguists in Europe

     The best way to increase understanding between ourselves and the rest of Europe - to make sure we all stay friends and live in peace together, with no more European wars - is for more of us Brits to be able to speak to our European neighbours in their own language. At present we have a one-sided situation where large numbers of Europeans (especially the young) can speak to us in English. It's time we reciprocated and that means a sea-change in attitudes to language teaching, with more children going into languages. The last ten years - since the idiotic school league tables were started by the government - have been a disaster for languages in schools. Because Spanish is  easier to learn than French, German or Italian, schools have switched away from these other languages into Spanish - so they can get more passes and therefore, go higher in the leagues tables.  MAINSTREAM would abolish these stupid league tables and also encourage schools to diversify: not just Spanish, but German, French, Italian and Polish which are now the most important Euro languages.  It should be the norm in secondary schools for the pupils to be studying not one, but TWO foreign languages.

  Now we're the worst - let's be the BEST.