Key Policy List

     Key Policies      

Clampdown on consumer credit to reduce household debt and encourage saving

Brexit: Stay IN Europe but an end to Brussels rule: we cancel unilaterally the last two EU treaties

Abolish VAT - return to taxing only luxuries, not necessities

Home ownership as somewhere to live - not for speculation by wealthy investors

Bank  of England to raise base rate to 2% immediately

our forces out of all Middle-East countries immediately, no more military intervention

new written constitution with no place for the "Monarchy"

Re-nationalisation of Utilities & parts of the Railways

reform of Abortion laws to recognise that babies also have rights

end to same-sex "marriage" and same-sex adoption

end Overseas aid - use this £12 billion tax to pay our own student fees

end the Throwaway culture in fashion items which is wrecking the planet

ban DNA manipulation / human cloning, a new offence of "Nazi Eugenics"

ban the selling off of council houses

zero-tolerance of serious crime even for a first-time offender

outlaw "sex change" surgery on children

Five Year breathing-space from asylum seeking

Council Tax replaced by Rates

cancel HS2