All our Policy Ideas

After BREXIT, a new European Economic union to replace the EU

Outlaw speculation on housing

Zero tolerance of serious crime

Abolish VAT - tax luxuries, not essentials

3% Base Rate NOW to help savers, clampdown on consumer credit

Stop our taxes going on foreign aid

Spend the Brexit Divorce windfall on our schools & hospitals

Five-Year Breathing Space from Asylum

No more colonialist wars

Unborn children have Human Rights

Re-nationalise Utilities

We're not a Kingdom - Monarchy out of the constitution

"Time's Up" on Nazi Eugenics

Homosexual acts with children illegal

No more "Sex Change" ops on children

Cut UN subs till they recognise rights of unborn children

Truth Commission to be set up  

Nationalise all state benefits & housing

End same-sex adoption

End the throwaway lifestyle

Ban mobile phones in the classroom

Scrap HS2

Replace Council Tax by Rates

Family-Friendly Taxes & Benefits

Red-Tape Bonfire for all SMALL businesses

Defence budget ring-fence

NATO: Reinforce Europe ties

Streamline the Court system

Abolish the CPS

End 'Protected groups' immunity

Reform Criminal Compensation Service

Prison Service back under public control

Repatriate overseas murderers home

Free Trade with the whole world

No more colonialist Laws

New initiative to re-unite Ireland

Even-handed policy in Middle-East

Time's up for the Commonwealth

Making the sickly NHS better

More resource for front-line services

Criminalise Euthanasia

Smoking: Let the premises decide

Phase out same-sex "Marriage"

End "Right to Buy" council houses

Back to One Bin

May's 2040 target is unworkable

Stop changing the clocks twice a year

End import & sale of exotic 'pets'

Workplaces: Greener & cooler

Back to teaching, not filling forms in

School behaviour rules set by headteachers, not politicians

Inform parents on school medication

New offence "Face Destruction"

School Books kept in school not at home

English teaching by native speakers

Fixed written constitution

Reform the Upper House

Divorce more difficult

Stop surrogate 'Mothering'

Fast-track adoption

End to 'Tracey Beaker Britain'

Abolish "Children's Commissioner" posts

Give the children back their childhood

End paid parliamentary "Lobbying"

Freeze opinion polls in run-up to elections

"Rationalise" the Railways

Urban buses timetable-free

Fairer driving tests

TV to improve driving skills

Keep motorways moving after accidents

End bank penalties for late / missed payments

Free our Internet from EU meddling

Regulate premium-rate phone charges

Computer Hacking and Scamming offences

Outlaw 'booking fees'

Our children to be best Euro-linguists

Five Years for knifers

Fix anomalies in Alchohol and Tobacco tax regime

TV to explain Law to young people

Abolish TV licence

End to gambling ads on telly

Stop fuzzing-out faces

Sort the the Metric Mess

Ending the 'School Run'

Civics classes to teach children the Law

Protect low bridges

Artic-free zones

Remove traffic-lights at roundabouts

Banned drivers listed online

'Shrinkflation' - Name & Shame

Elections are not just about voters

The postage-stamp that has no name

Justice for Jean de Menezes

Outlaw masking in specific places

Listed buildings arson restrictions

Appliance cables minimum length