Mainstream Constitution

This is the Preamble to Mainstream's Constitution

  The party called "Mainstream" is being founded as a new political party in Great Britain; to promote a society based on total respect for all human life, and based on the importance of the family unit as the centre of society. Henceforth in this document, "The Party" refers therefore, to Mainstream.
   The party's principles are those of Abraham Lincoln; that "All men and women are created equal". We see Mankind as President Lincoln did - one "Human Race" where people must be judged solely on the way they behave; never by their skin colour or physical appearance. We want the economy to become a "meritocracy" where people advance solely through their merit - by hard work and study; not by having the right social connections; nor by any form of discrimination, either positive or negative.

For the party, true Equality means our Parliament defers 'to God alone' - never to any man-made institution like the EU 'parliament', or the UN. And as the old saying goes "a Cat may look at a King" - Equality means ordinary people do not bow down and look up to 'Royals' whose position was inherited from their parents, not earned; we're all on the same level. We'd cut the links between Royalty and government, ending "oaths of allegiance" to the crown. These precepts to be enshrined in a written constitution.

   The party believes that the commonalty of European culture is much more important than the divisions of Europe by different languages. We are therefore strongly opposed to Nationalist or Ethnic political parties, which stir up only resentment and hatred and have led many times to war.
   The party is strongly committed to Free Trade throughout the word; and is totally opposed to trade cartels, be they those of the EEC's and the USA's farming industries; or OPEC and other similar price-fixing groups.

  We believe in "Human Rights" , but that Rights bring also Responsibilities. We each of us have the responsibility to behave with respect, towards all other citizens. We are entitled to the full set of Human Rights, only as long as we do not infringe the human rights of others. Those who offend against other citizens' rights, must pay the penalty of losing some of their own human rights.
   We believe in a world where even the tiniest and the humblest Humans - the babies of the world's poorest parents (and inclusive of babies who are still waiting to be born) are to be valued just as highly as Princes and Presidents.