London Crimewave

WE PRESENT MAINSTREAM'S GUIDANCE FOR THE 'MET': How to tell an Offender from a Victim….


Case no. 1: A woman tries to frame a totally innoccent young man, by going to the police with a set of completely fabricated - but very serious - allegations of multiple rapes. There is forensic evidence in the victim’s phone, proving his innocence. Yet he’s arrested and charged, has to wait two years on bail, and then taken to court. Fortunately his case was dropped by the judge. Who’s the Offender and who’s the victim?


OFFENDER                          VICTIM


Case no. 2 For an elderly couple in bed at home - everybody's worst nightmare: They hear intruders downstairs in the middle of the night. The husband - though terrified - finds the courage to go downstairs and in a struggle with one of two intruders, stabs the burglar with a fatal wound. Yet the RESIDENT is arrested and bailed, on suspicion of murder ! Who’s the offender - and who’s the victim??


     OFFENDERS                                VICTIM


Case no. 3. As happens hundreds of times every week in London, a pair of twats on a stolen scooter race along the pavements, snatching mobile phones from terrified men, women and children. . The man at the front (Henry Wright) does the driving. His pillion passenger is the one who snatches the phones. Wright gets convicted and sent to prison (but only 7 years, most people think he should have got 17 years). But his female accomplice - who gets injured when the scooter crashes (Yessss !!!) - gets treated as another VICTIM. She gets lifetime anonymity and will be able to get tax-funded compensation for her crash injuries, which are being treated as a crime against her. Who are really the offenders - and who are the victims?


             OFFENDERS                                             VICTIMS