Media & TV: Fake News

Making FAKE NEWS a crime

It's a hot topic of discussion at the moment - "Fake News". Contentious - when is reported news somebody's subjective opinion - and when is it really 'true'? But for some items in the News - there's no argument. You can see it's a complete fabrication which can't possibly be true. Stories like this, should be 'Fake News' - and the newspaper / TV channel should be - would be - prosecuted and fined. Look at this 'News' story which has appeared in several media outlets including the Daily Mail, BBC, Guardian, Sun and Reuters:

The story says that Daley and Black, both men, are having a baby 'together'. Hello ! For a couple to "have a baby together", one of them needs to be a man, the other a woman. Even a four-year-old child knows that - but not, obviously, the UK and US media, united in their utter subservience to any diktat from the rich and powerful self-styled "LCPTGBH" lobby.

So unless, by some amazing magic, one of these two males has installed himself with a womb, the above 'News' story is a total fabrication. It's FAKE NEWS.

PS What's the real facts ? MAINSTREAM can reveal all: Daley has fathered a baby with a 3rd party, an unknown woman, paying her to be a so-called 'surrogate mother'. The ultrasound scan in the picture, is of HER abdomen, not Daley's, not Black's.

So what's the involvement of the other man, Tom Daley's 'partner' Lance Black, in this parenting process: NONE WHATSOEVER. End of.


FAKE NEWS - your FAQs:

Q. This story obviously can't possibly be true - should all stories which we can see are totally fabricated, be treated as Fake News?

A. No there would be exceptions eg for news stories on April Fools Day, like the 'Subway wrapper found on the Moon' kind of story. We know they're just a joke.

Q. Should Holocaust Denial be counted as Fake News? We know it's a lie .

A. 'Holocaust Denial' is when a historian , (mostly David Irving), says 'the Germans didn't really gas 6 million jews' . Another example, if a historian says or writes 'The English under Cromwell in the 17th century, were really nice to Irish Catholics' In both these cases , we KNOW the truth is the exact opposite of what the writer alleges. But the difference is that nobody in the world is ever going to take a story like this seriously; we all know that David Irving's opinions are just a stunt, to get publicity for his 'work' which otherwise, nobody would have heard of. He's no different from the tossers who run naked on the cricket pitch to get on TV, or the knobhead who concreted his head into microwave, just to get You Tube ratings. David Irving has some mental health issues!