Gender Bias

Gendercide:  Why did 85 female MPs vote NOT  to protect baby girls?

    There've been many reasons for mothers-to-be demanding abortions - health, financial worries,  rape, career,  whatever. But for the past 20 years unborn baby girls have faced a new threat to their lives which baby boys don't have. This is so-called "sex-selective" abortion, a misnomer because it means "girl baby selective abortion".

  This hasn't come from our own society - we've got a tradition going back thousands of years, of giving our baby girls the same welcome we give baby boys. Even Henry VIII didn't kill off his baby girls!  He didn't want them to be born. He was furious with their mothers when they were born; but he protected them and made sure they were well educated - unusual for girls in Tudor times.  (In fact he did such a good job, that both his daughters succeeded him as monarchs - something he never imagined!) 

  No,  baby-girl-selective abortion has been imported here - just like Modern Slavery and FGM - from outside; from the far East in fact.  Some hospitals in cities with large Asian communities  give their baby girls some protection by refusing to reveal the baby's sex, when the mother goes for her ultrasound scan.  

  Sex-selective abortion destroys the babies NOT because of any potential impact on the mother; not on her health, either physical or mental. The babies get destroyed  for one reason only and that's because  of  something about them: they're GIRLS. They're FEMALE. 

Some might call this blatant sex descrimination: You have to die because .... because .... because .... because you're a FEMALE. Hello ! 

Anyway, when this bill  , to stop  "Gendercide" - baby-girl  abortion - came to a vote in the Commons on  23 February 2015 - a majority of  MPs voted against it and the bill failed.  Most of the MPs voting against were men  - not surprising really,  the birth-process is something very distant for all men. But  incredibly, 85 were female MPs.  What  drove  these 85  lady MPs  to vote to  betray their own sex, in a matter of life or death?   I suppose we'll never know the answer.   

    To prove I haven't made this up - here's a list of their names (some may be trying to get back into Parliament  in the imminent  2017 Election.  ) 

Diane Abbott,  Debbie Abrahams, Heidi Alexander, Rushanara Ali, Margaret Beckett, Luciana Berger, Hazel Blears, Annette Brooke, Karen Buck, Lorely Burt,  Jenny Chapman, Ann Coffey, Yvette Cooper, Mary Creagh, Stella Creasy, Tracey Crouch, Gloria De Piero, Angela Eagle, Maria Eagle, Julie Elliott, Jane Ellison, Louise Ellman, Lynne Featherstone, Caroline Flint, Yvonne Fovargue, Kate Green, Justine Greening, Lilian Greenwood, Nia Griffith, Harriet Harman, Rebecca Harris, Julie Hilling, Margaret Hodge, Sharon Hodgson, Glenda Jackson, Margot James, Diana Johnson, Tessa Jowell, Liz Kendall, Pauline Latham, Emma Lewell-Buck, Caroline Lucas, Fiona Mactaggart, Seema Malhotra, Kerry McCarthy, Siobhan McDonagh, Alison McGovern, Anne McGuire, Liz McInnes, Ann McKechin, Maria Miller, Madeleine Moon, Penny Mordaunt, Jessica Morden, Nicky Morgan, Meg Munn, Tessa Munt, Sheryll Murray, Lisa Nandy, Caroline Nokes, Fiona O'Donnell, Chi Onwurah, Sandra Osborne, Teresa Pearce, Claire Perry, Bridget Phillipson, Lucy Powell, Yasmin Qureshi, Emma Reynolds, Joan Ruddock, Laura Sandys,  Alison Seabeck, Angela Smith, Chloe Smith, Anna Soubry, Gisela Stuart, Jo Swinson, Emily Thornberry, Valerie Vaz, Joan Walley, Angela Watkinson, Heather Wheeler, Eilidh Whiteford, Rosie Winterton, Sarah Wollaston.