After the hate - hope

Our entire political class merits only contempt and disgust -

but a silver lining gives new hope for the future

Spring 2019 is a seminal moment in British politics. Even before the Brexit crisis, the public's opinion of our political class was an all-time low, already believing our MPs were totally out of touch with ordinary people, thinking "they know what's best for us" . Then came the Brexit People's Vote in June 2016 - and nearly three years later, our MPs still "don't get" Brexit.

The Brexit vote to leave, because so many millions took part, overrides any vote in Parliament on the subject; and trumps any proposed fantasies like 'Citizen Assemblies' of just a few thousand voters. But the Brexit moment was also the population telling the political class "Stuff you lot! Do what WE want - not what YOU think is best for us to want!"

Our 650 MPs have had over two years to plan for this event. When it was obvious after six months that they weren't going to get a good deal from Brussels, instead of wasting two years carrying on the fruitless Brussels dialogue - they should have, back in 2017, planned ahead for the 'No-deal' eventuality (which is not really No Deal, it's the previous trade deal we had and what the rest of the world has, the WTO rules.)

Instead they leave everything till the very last moment, and so utterly consumed with Brexit arguments, they've forgotten they're meant to be governing us; all the other issues - knife-crime, burglary, personal debt, rough sleepers, car crime, hospital waiting times, insufficient GPs and school places, anarchy at our Channel sea-border - all these things, swept under the parliamentary carpet.

What do our people think of the MPs now? To be truthful - they HATE them; hate the lot of them; and think every one of them should be sacked. They don't deserve their £79K (+ £50K expenses) salaries - including that nice little pay-rise they've just, incredibly, awarded themselves. But the Brexit crisis has a silver lining, which is it's breaking up the two main establishment parties - Labour and Conservative.

There's two by-elections coming in a few weeks ( Newport and Peterborough). Of the establishment parties, only the Liberals will have a set party position on the most important issue - Brexit. Labour and the Tories, the way things are going, will each have to field TWO candidates. So there's be a Labour Remain and a Labour Brexit candidate; and a Conservative Remain and a Conservative Brexit candidate. That's how utterly divided and fragmented these two parties are, the parties who between them, have dominated Parliament for a hundred years. And they both believe, as Hitler's Nazis believed, they will 'last for a thousand years '.

Sorry - no. We're in a new century; Labour and the Tories were the parties of the 20th century; For the 21st century, new different parties are going to take over. It's happening everywhere else in Europe - why can't it happen here as well? Of course it can, and it will. We don't need the same faces re-branding as new parties, like the so-called "Independent Group" . We need NEW faces, NEW parties, NEW leadership.And thanks in part to the Brexit crisis, this sea-change in UK politics is about to happen. After the hate - at last, some HOPE.