it doesn't mean Brex-in AND Brex-out at the same time

(and it certainly didn't mean 'Brexit but only if Members of Parliament agree') 

Tory Brexit chaos. What's the answer?

People's Vote? Been there - 23 June 2016

Snap General Election? Done that - 8 June 2017

You can't keep on re-running referendums and elections, because one or more groups are the losing side. That way they would be never-ending - elections every year ! Losers need to learn accept being on the losing side, that's known as democracy. It's up to the existing set of MPs to sort Brexit out, without any further elections. If May's minority administration can't manage it, let's have a different government from the same 650 MPs. They should be locked in there till they manage to agree on something.

When we voted narrowly in 2016 to leave the EU, the understanding in this democratic exercise was that a 'Leave' vote, even by the smallest majority, meant what it said: Leave the EU. There wasn't a clause saying that, in the event of only a small 'Leave' majority, we only make a half-hearted attempt at leaving, partly leaving and partly staying!

Since the Brexit vote the media and politicians have attached more importance to the supposed 'reasons' for voting Leave, than the vote itself. There's allegations we voted yes because of racialism, over immigration, in order to stop our Polish workers moving in and out, whatever. But at the end of the day, most LEAVE votes were cast for what, right throught the campaign, was always the most important issue: Sovereignty. Taking back control of our country from Brussels .

It's three and a half years since the Brexit vote. MPs of all partied have frittered these years away, arguing about the details of 'deal or no deal'. They totally ignored the sovereignty issue. In June 2016 we had a People's Vote. The vote was to leave. This overrides any previous treaties, such as Maastricht and Lisbon, signed by Tory John Major and New Labour Tony Blair. These treaties gave our sovereignty away WITHOUT a referendum; without a 'People's Vote'. Now we've had the people's vote decision - this rips up Maastricht and Lisbon .

There was another "leave or remain" People's Vote. In 2014, the Scottish Independence referendum. The Scots voted by a substantial margin to REMAIN in the UK. Suppose the vote had gone the other way - and they'd voted to leave the UK - say by just one single vote? Can you imagine politicians and media celebrities refusing to accept this leave vote? Saying "the Scottish people didn't understand what they were voting for"; "they didn't vote to leave without a deal with the rest of the UK", and so on. The question on the People's Vote ballot paper, 23 June 2016, was Remain or Leave. Not "Leave - only with a good deal" or "leave in a way agreeable to Brussels". It just said Leave. Why do so many people find that hard to understand?

Instead of wasting these years frigging around negotiating with Brussels, May and Johnson could have spent this time usefully, getting trade deals around the world. And they could by now have cleansed all the EU 'directives' out of our statute books. We should be doing deals NOW with our neighbours - Ireland, France, Germany, Benelux and Spain - as sovereign nations directly, NOT via Brussels.

Another Europe is Possible - why can't the EU change?

We tried to change the EU from inside - it's impossible. We can be "Good Europeans" from outside the EU . When has anybody said the Norwegians or the Swiss were not "Good" Europeans? Being a true European, getting on with our close neighbours in trade, education and science has nothing to do with being in the EU. Even better, by leaving we're hastening the demise of the existing EU setup with its absurd "parliament" which has no actual power, and which no-one in Europe respects. Brussels keeps pumping out propaganda likening their 'Parliament' to the US Senate or Congress. When has a European 'election' ever had the same meaning as in the US, like this year's mid-term elections for Senate and Congress. Everyone in the USA knows who their local senators, and congressmen (and women) are. Does ANYONE in Europe even know the name of their local MEP? Do you? Of course you don't.

New European elections are due in May 2019, critics are saying they're irrelevant to the UK as we're leaving. Wrong. They're irrelevant to ALL EU citizens - because (a) this "Parliament" doesn't make the EU laws and (b) nobody in Europe votes on European issues. In the USA presidential or congress elections, Americans all vote on American issues - they don't vote on local New York or Texas issues. But in the EU elections, all voters in France vote only on French matters. All German voters vote about German issues. It's the same in ALL the EU countries; and it's been exactly the same in every single EU 'Parliament' elected so far.

Look at how the EU treated those peripheral countries, who went the extra mile from being 'Good Europeans' - they became Gold Standard EU members by adopting the EU currency, the Euro. Even though this meant adopting German currency for their very different economies. The result: catastrophic decline in production, loss of population and massive poverty, for the ordinary people (but not the polticians) of Spain, Greece, Ireland and Portugal .

Will we be worse off outside the EU - as some politicians are saying? If that were true, Brussels would be bending over backwards to kick us out as soon as possible! They know we'll be better off and that terrifies them. Brussels knows when the world sees us make a success of Brexit - other EU members might want their sovereignty back. It could be catching.

You don't get control back from the people who've been ruling over you by talking to them. You don't talk - you leave. When the Baltic states took control of their countries back from the USSR in 1990, they didn't negotiate with Moscow. They just LEFT. The chaotic Tory 'Brexit' has already spent millions of pounds, and thousands of hours, negotiating with assorted European politicians about agreeing trade; about deals for science and education, about how much more money we have to pay, and for how many years into the future - they've totally ignored the main objective of Brexit which is to get control back - WE control ourselves; not Brussels.

That means we stop behaving like we're still in there, get up off our knees and behave like an independent sovereign state, ignoring previous EU 'treaties' and agreements. Forget 'Article 50' - we make trade agreements with our European neighbour countries, separately - and NOW. If we can also get agreements with the EU for trade with their closed bloc - the so-called 'free market' which is anything but free - so much the better, but we do this from the outside, not by staying 'in'.


NATO's resolve and forces have kept western Europe safe from war for over 70 years (The two post-war conflicts in Eastern Europe, in the Balkans and Ukraine, were nothing to do with NATO but were both caused by Brussels EU meddling). Now with Trump threatening to pull out of NATO there are doubts about our ability to stand up to outside agression. We need to re-inforce the bonds of this great defence partnership, increasing joint training excercises with member countries in Europe. .


Now we're the worst - let's be the best

Now our people are the WORST linguists in Europe. Wherever we go in Europe, we're embarrassed by so many of the locals speaking good English, while so few of us can speak their languages. That means urgently raising the profile of language classes in schools. The past ten years - since the Tory / LibDem coalition invented league tables for schools - have been a disaster for language teaching, Because Spanish is  much easier to learn than French or German, schools have switched away from these other languages into Spanish alone - so they can get more passes and climb up the league tables.  MAINSTREAM would abolish these league tables and make schools concentrate on , not just Spanish, but German, French, Italian and Polish as the most significant languages of 21st century Europe. It should be normal in secondary schools to study at at least one of either German or French . And preferably a second Euro-language.

What swung the Brexit vote at the last minute?