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Make the best of the people's BREXIT decision

... and push for a new Europe of co-operation  

The People's Vote of 23 June 2016 was to leave the EU - we then spent the best part of four years arguing and agonising over it, instead of just getting on with implementing the people's decision. What now? The European Union unfortunately, hasn't changed or made any effort to improve in this time. It's still the same over-bureaucratic, non-democratic, profligate creature that it was back in 2016.

MAINSTREAM wants all Europeans to work towards an "EEC plus" instead of the EU. Reverting to the former arrangement, a zone of zero tariffs, totally free trade, and freedom of movement within this European zone for all citizens of the member countries.

BUT with the following changes from now: No EU "Laws"; no EU courts, and no EU "Parliament". Brussels continually compares their "Parliament" to the United States congress. In the US presidential or congress elections, Americans all vote on American issues - they don't vote on local New York or Texas issues. But in the EU elections as in 2019, French voters vote only on French matters. German voters vote about German issues. It's the same in ALL the EU countries; and it's been the same in every EU 'Parliament' election so far. Not only that but the EU's "Laws" are made my the unelected Commission and not by their so-called "Parliament".

Every member country should keep it's own laws as now, and within individual countries, these national laws would be absolute and not subject to being overruled. All member countries, while allowing freedom of movement, would have the right to give their own citizens first preference in jobs. All member countries would be able to bar non-EU citizens from entering their territory, even if they arrive from another EU country.

As for the "European Convention on Human Rights", instead of Boris Johnson's clumsy cherry-picking keeping some bits of it, and removing other bits, we must unilaterally revoke this completely and do it immediately. This pompous convention does nothing to protect law-abiding citizens, it protects only criminals and the evil in society. And the ECHR has one notable and glaring omission - it restricts these "Human Rights" to children only after their birth. In the nine months while in their mother's womb, Brussels says they can't have any rights because they're not human.


NATO's resolve and forces have kept western Europe safe from war for over 70 years (The two post-war conflicts in Eastern Europe, in the Balkans and Ukraine, were nothing to do with NATO but were both caused by Brussels EU meddling). Now with Trump threatening to pull out of NATO there are doubts about our ability to stand up to outside agression. We need to re-inforce the bonds of this great defence partnership, increasing joint training excercises with member countries in Europe. .


Now we're the worst - let's be the best

Now our people are the WORST linguists in Europe. Wherever we go in Europe, we're embarrassed by so many of the locals speaking good English, while so few of us can speak their languages. That means urgently raising the profile of language classes in schools. The past ten years - since the Tory / LibDem coalition invented league tables for schools - have been a disaster for language teaching, Because Spanish is  much easier to learn than French or German, schools have switched away from these other languages into Spanish alone - so they can get more passes and climb up the league tables.  MAINSTREAM would abolish these league tables and make schools concentrate on , not just Spanish, but German, French, Italian and Polish as the most significant languages of 21st century Europe. It should be normal in secondary schools to study at at least one of either German or French . And preferably a second Euro-language.

What swung the Brexit vote at the last minute?

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