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Kevin Spacey "offences" would be LEGAL in Britain !

Facing the first of several allegations (which the actor denies) in a US court, it's interesting to note this (alleged) offence would have been quite legal over here. Thanks to our 2001 "Blair's Law", which legalised homesexual acts by men into boys. MAINSTREAM policy is for the instant repeal of Blair's Law - and a further raft of long-overdue legal reforms which we need, to get our society back to normal. MAINSTREAM is the only party to make this reform a priority.


Piracy in the skies and at sea:

the week our government stopped governing

As soon as the criminal drone threat to Gatwick airport had closed the airport down - our government had a responsibility to act quickly and decisively, to counter the threat (whether criminal or terrorist) and get the UK's second busiest airport back to normal. The choice of our number one holiday airport, at the height of the Christmas getaway, pointed to an eco-terrorist rather than a Middle-Eastern terrorist. This twat must also be someone who hates families and children.

At every level the authorities cocked this up - refusing to authorise a shoot-down in the first few hours; finally announcing to the world - after 36 hours - that they would use guns, thus tipping the drone pilot(s) off to stop flying. Then we have Jason Tingley from Sussex police announcing "there may not have been any drones". The police said this was just 'miscommunication' - hold on, this wasn't some junior PCSO in the force - this is the Chief Superintendent in charge of the Drones investigation, saying the drones were probably all in the imagination (rather like hate-crimes) . How can this knobhead still be in a job?

Sussex Police's Jason Tingley - how is he still in a job?

The government could have and should have fixed the drones in the first few hours. They reckon 140,000 passengers' holidays were ruined by the Gatwick shambles. Most of these 140,000 are UK citizens - and they won't be voting Tory in the next election, whenever that comes.

In the English Channel migrants seized control of a large merchant ship and forced it to sail round in circles till their demands were met. This could have caused a major maritime disaster in the world's most crowded waters. This is piracy, no different from pirates in Somalia or the old-day pirates in the Caribbean. The ship's crew would have been justified in pushing the four of them into the sea - but since UK special forces captured them alive - they should have been charged with piracy and extortion. Instead our hapless 'government' charges them with Affray. "Affray" is about the most lenient crime there is - what people get charged with if they're in a drunken brawl, but don't actually injure anyone.

Under Theresa May we've got a 'government' that doesn't actually DO any governing. Roll on the day when we get ourselves a REAL government. That day can't come too soon.

Italy spending budget: Brussels puts the jackboot in

Italy's democratically-elected government planned an anti-austerity budget of spending to help the elderly and unemployed. The EU politburo wasn't having any of that - they waited till the rest of Europe was occupied with Brexit - then put the jackboot in & forced Renzi's government to backtrack.

A break from Brexit?

When Parliament has time for something else -

the Tories get their priorities right!

With Brexit taking up all the Parliamentary bandwidth - it's dificult to find time for MPs to talk about anything else - resulting in important issues being left in the Inbox for months on end. So, nice to see, when the Tories found time for debates on a couple of non-Brexit issues during 2018 - thay got their priorities right. They found time for several hours debate on two vitally important issues for the country.

What were they? A debate on knife-crime maybe? As the streets of London and other cities flow every night with the blood of our young men, stabbed to death? On scooter muggings - happening hundreds of times every day, out of control? Maybe car-jacking crime, including taking them from young mothers with their babies in the car? Did we get any debate on the thousands of our citizens sleeping rough on the streets tonight? Was there a debate on the Asian grooming gangs in Northern cities? On the drugs supply epidemic, wrecking communities and fuelling other crime?

NONE of these. This year there's been no parliamentary time allocated to any of the above.

The most urgent non-Brexit issues for Parliament ? 'Upskirting' and 'Self-defining'.

May's Tories created a new specific offence 'Upskirting' - even though this was covered already be legislation on voyerism and invasion of privacy. There's 195 countries on the planet - none of the other 194 have a specific law against 'Upskirting'. Did it never occur to Theresa May, that there might be a reason for this ?

'Self-defining' - MPs spent hours on proposals to amend existing Gender laws , to let mentally-unbalanced young men and boys, suddenly decide that officially, they're not males - they're females!

With all the urgent and critical problems this country's got at the moment - nobody in the world should even be thinking about such absurd and disgusting subjects - let alone our MPs wasting hours of Parliamentary time, talking about them and passing legislation. YOU COULDN'T MAKE IT UP.


Vitally-important legislation debates - your FAQs:

Q. Surely it's natural that a government led by a woman Prime Minister, should prioritize the 'Upskirting' law, as this is to protect women?

A. Yes true, although this bizarre piece of legislation doesn't actually mention women! It defines the crime as 'taking a photo up a person's skirt, without their permission.' It's a crime to do it to men, as well as women.

Q. Hold on - men don't wear skirts. Is this a misprint and they meant to say trousers ?

A. Not a misprint. All our equality, inclusion and diversity laws, say every new law has to treat both sexes equally.

Q. Could it be so as not to offend Transgenders - they wear women's clothes ?

A. Yep you're right, that's it, to prevent taking 'upskirt' photos on a 'transgender', one of the so-called 'Tranny boys'

Q. Might inquisitive people want to take upskirt photos , to check if these men have already had their.......

A. STOP. Don't go there. END THIS CONVERSATION NOW - before we all puke.


For once, an MP acts like a normal human being. And what happens?

The politically correct Neopuritan establishment tear him to pieces.


Clive Lewis, Labour MP for Norwich South, is one of the very few MPs who had a normal job before entering Parliament. He wasn't a political party researcher; he wasn't a Human Rights lawyer; even better, he wasn't a lawyer at all. He was a soldier. A few weeks ago, listening to a government MP speaking he reacted by showing his opinion. Not in the accepted way of the Westminster establishment (by shouting 'Hear Hear', shouting 'Order', banging the seat with your fist, or falling asleep) - but in the way any normal person would, when a political opponent shoots themselves in the foot. You feel they're comitting political suicide - so you point a pretend gun in your mouth. That's it.

All the media and political neopuritan establishment without exception, condemned him utterly as 'not politically correct'. Yet it's people of his non-legal background, that are precisely who we need MORE of in Parliament.

Is it surprising so few young people are interested in politics as a career? Next time they have a "Parliament Jobs Fair", to get young people in, they need to put a couple of warning signs up:

Tories in Turmoil:

Theresa May puts a burqa on, in a show of opposition to Boris Johnson

"It's not our job to tell women what to wear".

In this photo taken near the Houses of Parliament, three very different MPs made the brave decision to wear a burqa in public together, for just five minutes.

Theresa May in the middle doesn't look too happy - but big smiles from her two political opponents, Labour's Jess Phillips on the left, and Naz Shah (right). All three women agreed to be photographed in support of Women's Rights to wear burkas, and united in their opposition against Boris Johnson's burka comments. May asked that the photo be widely shared on social media "women are scared to leave home in burqas because of Boris Johnson. These women need to see their elected representatives in burqas, we can be, like, role models for them".

How do YOU feel? Do YOU approve of the burqa as suitable attire for women and girls? Would you have the courage to 'go burqa' (or as Boris would put it, 'go letterbox') - just for a day? Or even a few minutes like Theresa May? Let us know, join the conversation


Q. Would Mainstream ban the burqa ?

A. NO of course not. But we do need restrictions in specific places, where there are security or child-welfare issues. These rules must cover ALL forms of masking, not just burkas.