Dog-fouling row


some of the millions of important Health and Education posters and leaflets, we have to take down and rip up



These are just a few of the thousands of health, safety and education posters and leaflets, which must be taken down and destroyed;

they've fallen foul of the BLM (UK) language-use führerdiktat. The NHS, all GP clinics, and hundreds of schools, must consult with their local BLM obergruppenführer, to come up with acceptable wording for replacement posters and leaflets.


Q. Our charity shop is about to doormat the local area with leaflets saying "After Covid, YOUR CHARITY DONATIONS ALL MATTER". Do we now have to apologise, like Devon Council has?

A. Afraid so. The use of the word "matters" is now restricted to BLM material. .

Q. Why is that ?

A. BLM say using "matters" for any other messages is mocking their movement, and anyone who doesn't accept all their demands is a racist and so these posters and notices are offensive and racist.

Q. Do we really have to get the leaflets changed? We're a charity and have paid several hundred pounds for the printing; we can't afford to pay for a re-process.

A. You could apologise and request a compassionate exemption from their ruling. As you are a charity, they would probably be OK with that and say yes. (They might just ask for a small donation to a named charity.)

Q. How do we go about asking them for the exemption?

A. Just via the BLM UK website or on social media via their hashtag. To prove you are genuinely contrite for the offence you've given, and not just pretending, you should send a photo of yourself (and any employees if applicable) in the "I submit" position: Kneeling, one knee on the ground; the other knee set at right angles and both hands clasped together .

Q. Did the person who complained give any justification for being so upset about the dog mess sign?

A. Better to quote their own words as tweeted "This is a blatant attempt to piggy-back on BLM's slogan, it is mocking the Black Lives Matter movement while snickering (sic*) behind their backs". Er ... oh....kay!

(* "snickering", American-ese spelling of "sniggering" as we call it over here. Possibly Y.B. is one of our US / Canadian visitors )'s some more offensive notices ....

banned for use of taboo word "matters" (reserved for BLM-UK).

they've all gotta go ! .......



Shops and Nurseries all across the UK .....

...must tear their signs down, and wait for BLM (UK) to tell them what they're allowed to print



Even T-shirts not exempt from the cancel culture bonfire!

Like this anti-hunting one - can never be worn again in the UK.

(Can't recycle, charity shops won't touch them. Bonfire or Landfill.)