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Why can't there be a party that gets 60% of the electorate's vote? We all have different views but there are plenty of views shared in common by at least 60% of people.

In opinion polls you include the 'dont knows' - or the poll is meaningless. So in analysing actual election results, you must include the 'no-shows' - those who stay at home instead of voting. They're just as important as the ones who turn out to vote. So percentages must be based on the whole electorate, not just those who vote. Non-voters are NOT lazy young people who can't be bothered to get off the sofa - they're people who would LIKE to vote - if only there was a party / candidate they could support! They in effect DID vote - for 'none of the above'.

In the 2017 snap election called by Theresa May to 'improve' her position, but which turned out a disaster for her, the Tories were marginally the most popular party but with just 29% of the electorate's votes. And Labour who came second, got 27% of the electorate. No party gets even half the electorate's support - nowhere near! This continues the trend for the last 40 years . Is it any surprise when you look at how out of touch ALL of Parliament's MPs are, with ordinary people?

a new party for the centre

We need a populist party . A popular party, a people's party, to represent the majority who don't identify with the establishment parties of 'right' and 'left'. With new populist policies from the centre, a party for the centre ground, for the political MAINSTREAM.


It's NOT a "People's Government"

(and certainly not a landslide)

On 12 December 2019 the Tories got 44% of the vote. As always, Mainstream takes account of non-voters; in effect their decision was "all the above are sh*te". So as the turnout was 67%, Boris Johnson has the support of just 29% of the elecorate - hardly what you'd call a people's government. And how is a majority of 80 a landslide ? Nixon's win in the 1972 US election was a landslide - he won 49 out of 50 states. Over here, Blair's 1997 majority (179 ) might possibly qualify as a landslide. But a majority of 80 - just a good working majority.

This was the most important general election since the last war - but the turnout was 67%, just two-thirds of the electorate; down on the 2017 turnout. What happend to the "youthquake"? - the millions of new voters who registered, most of them millennials and most of them, supposedly, Labour supporting. You can register in the comfort of your own home - but voting means making the trip down to the polling station. What went wrong? Was it because of all the Christmas shopping and party stuff to do? Is it because a lot of millennials are snowflakes? They can't go out to vote if it's cold and raining, they might get their hair wet; or they might have to stand next to a middle-aged white male in the queue, and can't do that.

Jeremy Corbyn explained on 28 October, how a Christmas election date would be very bad for turnout: in his own words, "less than two weeks before Christmas, on one of the shortest, coldest and darkest days of the year". Royal Mail warned that posted registration forms, and poll cards, would not be delivered in time; and that's exactly what happened, to thousands of them. Boris Johnson must have been overjoyed when his Christmas election date was accepted; the Tories know that low turnout always favours the status quo. (Mind you, comparing Corbyn's performance with Neil Kinnock and Michael Foot is not really fair. Foot and Kinnock only lost one election. It's believed Corbyn's the only Labour leader to lose two elections.)

Is there any way to get the Conservatives out of permanent power? With our political system It needs a single, unified opposition party with policies popular enough to get the support of over 50% of the electorate; assuming another 67% turnout, they would get a massive 76% of the vote, and a reasonable expectation of taking 500 of the 650 Westminster's seats. Now that would be a landslide....

Which party can do this? Certainly not Labour; they've lost four elections in a row. The present-day Labour party wins only in the metropolitan cities and university towns. For all the rest of the country - including the whole of Scotland and Wales - they've made themselves unelectable, their policies too toxic for most voters.

It's not just the stuff they put in their Christmas manifesto . It's as much the stuff they don't like to talk about. Like Labour's down-on-their-knees, brown-tongueing subservience to the self-styled LCPT agenda (sorry, LCPT+ we now have to say) . In the recent struggle between Parents and Politicians over the disgusting and cruel "LTSBQ" lessons to four-year-olds, official Labour policy is "the parents are wrong". One Labour MP, Roger Godsiff, sided with the parents - Labour created a special new rule to stop Godsiff standing as MP, or even going before his local party selection committee. And the new official Labour policy of totally de-criminalising abortion - in effect, legalising infantcide. They've lost the plot on this with most of the working class, especially women voters.

That's why we need a new, unified, populist, family-friendly opposition party - it's the only way to ever get the Tories out.




Tory Home secretary Sajid Javid

"No single solution to knife crime"

We've got a knife-crime emergency. Every week the toll of knife stab victims mounts; and every week our knobhead politicians like Javid, come up with another "new plan" which is going to work. more...


MAINSTREAM - a brief history

MAINSTREAM is a small, new political party - founded in 2005 and based in the West Midlands. The idea of MAINSTREAM is to try and re-create, what we always had up to about 40 years ago - a party capable of getting majority support - i.e., the support of more than 50% of voters, in an election.

Our Parliamentary system of first-past-the-post is not going to change any time soon: it was confirmed by a people's vote in the 2011 referendum. We're keeping it. Right now it's not working well - but that's not down to the system : It's down to the useless collection of politicians, and political parties, which have taken over our politics. They're all totally out of touch with ordinary people, representing only powerful and rich minorities and pressure groups. Their ideas about what's right and wrong, what's sensible and what's sick - don't come from the grass roots or from working people - they come from snooty intellectual think-tanks based in North London.

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EUChanging the EU from the inside is IMPOSSIBLE. Now we can put pressure on them from OUTSIDE, to return to the original Free-Trade, free movement zone, an assembly of sovereign states each with its own laws and parliament, WITHOUT any EU 'directives' and 'European Parliament'

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