BLM Statue-toppling continued...

BLM's other argument is economic: Alleging our black citizens TODAY, are economically disadvantaged, because of slavery in the 17th and 18th centuries. Again there's no causative link to be found. Take an example: Colston grammar school in Bristol. Founded by slaver Edward Colston, yes. With money made from slavery - yes. But how does that disadvantage any ethnic group - black or otherwise - in 21st century Bristol? Colston school isn't a "whites only" school. It's excellent teaching is available to Bristol children of any colour skin. OK, black pupils might feel uneasy about attending a school, built from the profits of long-ago slavers. So what? This doesn't disadvantage them economically, or educationally, in any way.

Yes, there is inequality - caused not by historic slavery, but by other factors. Time for BLM protestors to get real and take ownership of these problems - and not be continually "playing the slavery card". In 21st century Britain, that won't wash any more.

Our politicians and media are obsessed with historic, centuries old slavery. What about the real-time slavery, still ongoing in Africa TODAY? Like Mauretania, where 20% of the population are (black) slaves. No demos, no protests, no taking knees outside the Mauretanian embassy. Independent Africa reverts to a pattern, in existence hundreds of years before Euro-colonisation started in 1458: Lighter-skinned Africans enslaving darker-skinned Africans.

NOT HISTORY: Slave auction, 2017, Libya, Africa (ack. CNN)

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