the Mental Parliament ?

The past few weeks of Brexit chaos at Westminster has made our Parliament the laughing-stock of Europe and the world. Is it any wonder the rest of Europe, and the rest of the world, don't know what to make of us? They can't decide whether to laugh at our parliamentary chaos - or to just be appalled !

People's Vote, 23 June 2016, we voted to leave the EU

Parliament's Vote, 1 February 2017, backed up the People's Vote, voting 498 to 118, to leave the EU.

What's going on ? Two years have passed, and our MPs in this same Parliament are still arguing as if the people's vote, and parliamentary vote, had never taken place!

There's a large number - probably the majority - of our lawmakers, still trying to STAY IN the EU ! Parliament has split into multiple tribes, whose childish behaviour and point-scoring, is a disgrace to politics. Our "Prime Minister" keeps tryng to stick with an unwieldy, complex 'plan' - which MPs have already rejected. She fantasises about going back to Brussels to get their 'final' agreement changed - they've already said that's impossible.

Even before Brexit, people's opinions of our politicians was an all-time low. Now this has sunk even lower. Ordinary people in all walks of life, and business leaders, none of us can understand. We're leaving the EU on 29th March - this lot have had over TWO YEARS to advise us what's happening after that date, and they still have no idea. WHAT'S WRONG WITH THEM ?

The answer may lie in WHO our MPs are. We're told they've become a 'more diverse' House of Commons in recent years - maybe. But in terms of these people's values and beliefs; what they regard as normal and civilised - this lot of 650 men and women are the worst there's ever been; totally out-of-touch with ordinary voters. That's the problem. That's why we need to flush out this whole swamp, and replace them with a completely NEW party.


PS: Over the 800 years of Westminster, we've had some Parliaments so notorious , they got 'named' - the Long Parliament, the Convention Parliament, the Short Parliament, and so on. Is there now a new name for the list?

When history looks back at the 2017 - 2022 (?) Parliament - will they call it the 'Mental Parliament' ?



The latest attempts by Labour 'Insiders' at forming a new 'centrist' party will fail, just like the SDP did back in the 1980s. Because all the politicians involved, are exactly the same establishment figures as we already have in Westminster - instead of what we need , which is a whole new style of politician from OUTSIDE the establishment. We need to drain the Westminster swamp - not move clumps of it around.

Labour are supposed to be an opposition to Theresa May's shambolic 'government' - instead they're fighting among themselves - Brexiters against Remainers; female MPs against male MPs. You couldn't make it up.