Quotas in Parliament - good or bad?

Quotas for Parliament - do you agree?

then be careful what you wish for ...

the biggest losers will be the JEWS !

Some politicians and media commentators want the introduction of quotas for Parliament - setting the percentage of MPs according to physical characteristics like sex, ethnic group, and so on, so they 'look more like the electorate they serve'. A few other countries already have these restrictions. The problem with quotas is, while there are winners - there are losers too; Nobody ever talks about this.

If quotas get imposed, the group of MPs with the most to lose are the Jews. That's because, even though Jews are only 0.5% of our population, they make up a far larger percentage of MPs in the Commons. At present (2019) there are 26 Jewish MPs - but under a quota system, they would be allowed only 0.5% of 650, which is just THREE MPs. Whatever way you dress it up, this means kicking 23 MPs out from the House of Commons. Not for being bad at their work; not for criminal behaviour, like Fiona Onasanya and Terry Fields; but for BEING JEWISH. Doesn't this remind us of another time and place - Germany in the 1930s under the Nazis? Is this what we really want to do?

It's nearly 75 years since, on 15 April 1945, our soldiers stormed into the Nazi concentration camp of Belsen and liberated thousands of surviving Jewish prisoners - saving them just in time, from an appointment with the gas chambers. If we lower ourselves to a society that expels MPs from Parliament just for being Jews - that's the slippery slope to the gas chambers again - not in Germany, but right here in Britain.

MAINSTREAM robustly opposes ALL forms of quota discrimination (as well as all other forms of discrimination), and would outlaw ALL quota-based selection, in all walks of life - including internally in political party short-lists for election candidates.

(Incidentally, all our Jewish MPs are 'Remainers' - so a Parliament with 23 fewer Jews, would certainly be a 'more Brexit' Parliament!)