Man 'Tries it on' with woman - when does it become CRIMINAL?

It's a common scenario in life. Man loses his self-control, 'tries it on' with female aquaintance or colleague. He grabs hold of her, trying to kiss her, fondling her through her clothes; (but without undressing her or touching any private parts.) The woman is not interested in him - she makes this clear, pushing the man off, turning her head away to prevent kissing, telling the man in no uncertain terms to 'get off and leave me alone'.

This situation is commonplace all over the world - man desires woman, she doesn't feel the same way about him ! (It never happens the other way round - obviously because men's sexual urges are a lot stronger than women's. )

(We are not talking about children here - both people are adults, i.e. 18 or over. Adult male, tries it on unsucessfully, with adult female. )

Say the man eventually gives up, realising he's not going to get his way, he leaves her alone.

So in the end nothing much happened, except the MAN is a LOSER. He ends up frustrated, feelings and pride hurt.

The woman comes out of it the WINNER - satisfied, having kept her self-respect, and successfully and forcefully rebutted the man's advances, as she has a perfect right to do .

But - has a CRIME been committed ?

Probably in most countries in the world, people would say as nothing actually happened in the end, just bad behaviour but not really a crime that you have to call the police.

But do WE think in here OUR country ? Has there ever been a survey of what our people think? Mainstream wants to know if attitudes are changing, and if men feel differently from women, about this situation.

Please take our very short 'Citizen Survey' - ONE entry only please.

I am an adult UK citizen, entiltled to vote here. I understand this survey is CONFIDENTIAL, any results will not be published, nor passed to a third party. I agree to submit ONE entry only

In the scenario described above, in your opinion, was a crime comitted ?

A. No, it's just 'Men being Men'

B. Out of order and disgusting but not criminal

C. Criminal at the lower end of the scale

D. It's a serious crime, call the police.



If you chose D : Does it make a difference if this interaction happens at work ?

Yes, acceptable at a party or in a club, but criminal if at work

Always a crime



Now a question on a different matter. A female worker in a political party has a grievance against a male who's a high-up figure in the party. She's thinking of reporting him, but knows this will drag his name through the mud. Is she being disloyal to report?

That's being disloyal

Not disloyal, reporting will make the party better for women.



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