Tranny Quiz Answers. How did you get on?


Hermann Goering

FACTUAL - he was a top Nazi leader & war criminal (and into cross-dressing)

Ian Bergdorf

FACTUAL - he's a DJ and model; has started calling himself 'Munroe'

Claude Russo

FICTIONAL - he's a thief in one of the Inspector Clouseau movies

Bradley Manning

FACTUAL - he's ex-US Air Force, traitor, prefers to be addressed as 'Chelsea'

Liam Madigan

FACTUAL - he's a political party worker in Rochester (UK); prefers to be called Lily

Charles d'Eon

FACTUAL - he was a French soldier and diplomat

Jamie Gumb

FICTIONAL - he's the dressmaker and misogynist murderer, in "Silence of the Lambs"

Grayson Perry

FACTUAL - he's a well-known Artist

Harold Patterson

FICTIONAL - he runs a cafe in TV's Corrie

Tanis Wolf

FACTUAL - he's a 25-year-old courier, calls himself 'Tara'. Attacked an elderly woman and was fined £150. Pity it wasn't jail. Other prisoners might have ventured an opinion to Wolf, about young men who punch old ladies in the face.

Bruce Jenner

FACTUAL - he's a U.S. former Olympic athlete & TV* personality

(*TV here means television NOT transvestite)

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