Quotas for University entrance

Quotas for Uni entrance

good or bad thing?

Our Universities and Colleges are under enormous pressure from the political class to implement quotas by ethnic group (in effect, by skin colour), for their admissions policy. Can this really be good for education ? Or is there a bad side? These policies are thought up by so-called "White Liberals" - people with posh accents who live in all-white families. They always say "one of our friends is black", or "we do know some black people". Their world-view is a Charles Darwin-era view of the world as all three colours ( Liberals call them 'races') - white, yellow and black.

At one time the world may really have looked like this (although recent DNA research does not support this). But the real world today is different, and Britain is no exception. It's not "50 shades" - more like "500 shades" - of colour between black and white . The ones who understand this best, are those in multi-coloured families; and in the UK there's hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of families like this. In these families, children all from the same two parents, may come out any colour from as white as Madonna, to as black as June Sarpong: and every colour in between. Children in these families have siblings of a different colour from their own.

When the University admissions process brings in quotas, you could have in one family, two sisters - one black, one white. They could be the same age - non-identical twins. Let's call these girls Tania and Tonia. They've grown up together so, though they don't share the same genes, they share common interests. They both want to study Biology at Gotham City University which has a highly-recommended degree course. Gotham Uni has caved in to the politicians, against the views of their academics - and enforces quota-bases admission. (Tonia and Tania weren't aware of this). Come August, they both get exactly the same A level results: A's in Biology and Psychology, B in English.

Within hours, they've got their application decisions: Tania overjoyed, instagrams all her friends, hugs from Mum - she's got an unconditional offer. Tonia the opposite - all her hard work and studying for nothing, sobbing her heart out ; no offer, just put on a waiting list. Why ? Tania, the twin with darker skin, gets through to fulfill the University's quota for black applicants. Tonia with identical results as her twin, because she's white, forfeits her place to a black applicant with lower grades. That's the sickening reality of using quotas.

Imagine the teachers in Year 12, when pupils are asking "Miss, what grades do we need for this five-star Economics degree course?" She replies "at least two A's" but then looking round the class, addressing the pupils with darker skin ".. and for you , one A and one B should be enough". What!!! gasps all round the classroom. "Miss, that's not fair!"

Quotas are not fair, and they're not just. Quotas are not about Help and Hope - quotas are about Hate and Envy - giving someone a prize not as a reward for their work and dedication - but based on their physical appearance.

Quota-based selection - whether by sex, colour or religion - is obscene, it's disgusting and has no place in a civilised society.

Mainstream has a zero-tolerance on quotas, and would outlaw ALL quota-based selection, in all walks of life.